The tears shed out of children’s eyes

We spent an unforgettable day enjoying the beauties of our environment.The children were friendly,taking photographs and filming clips on solidarity.The best result of our meeting was seen in the end,because it was impossible to stop all the tears shed out of children’s eyes.

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A charity cookies auction

We had a charity cookies auction,which were sold to our teachers,town hall employees and to our mayor,who organised us a very warm reception in the town hall in Ćićevac.The raised money was used for buying cartons of juice and snacks for the children without parental care,and we took our presents to their home called “Jefimija”,which is in a nearby town called Kruševac.

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Workshop: find a friend, write his name, take a photo !

1.Find a friend with the same style of hair!

2.Find a friend with the same color of eyes!

3.Find a friend is wearing athletics/shoes!

4. Find a friend smiling!

5. Find a friend who loves disco!

6. Find a friend who was born in the same  season with  you!

7. Find a friend who is as tall as you!

8. Find a friend with the same style of  clothes!

9. Find a friend who loves  chocolates!

Friends with the same color of eyes: